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A lightweight and reliable application that helps adults control the time their children spend on the computer, by setting various shutdown schedules

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Parents are having a hard time explaining to their children why they should not spend so much time on the computer.

Most of them are little and don not understand why it can be harmful to them. Having an application that uses a friendly cartoon character to explain to children that it is time to shut down the computer can save you from a lot of trouble, and occasional crying.

AlaTimer offers parents a solution to manage the time their children spend on the computer. The application automatically shuts down the computer after a certain period of time, whilst displaying friendly messages with the help of a fictional cartoon character, Fred Flintstone.

Friendly user interface

The application was specifically designed for children, making it easy to use and lightweight. The messages displayed are children-oriented and use a friendly cartoon character, which can sometimes be more persuasive than adults.

Parents can restrict access to the Internet or Windows applications easily. AlaTimer can be accessed remotely by AlaFredy, so parents can change the scheduled hours anytime easily.

Multiple user scheduler

AlaTimer allows you to create schedules for multiple users. This can come in really handy when more that who children use the computer.

You do not have to explain to them why it is time to let the other child use the computer, just let the application do it for you.

An overall good parental control application

AlaTimer, with the help of Fred Flintstone, can help you make your children easier understand why they are not allowed to spend so much time on the computer.

AlaTimer was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on January 13th, 2015
AlaTimer - The main application, AlaTimer, is controlled remotely by AlaFredy and allows you to restrict the time spent by children on the computer.

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