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Identify keyloggers that capture your keystrokes, find who is connected to your computer, reveal all open ports, and scan your system for suspicious and invisible programs

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Anti Hacker is a small Windows security application designed to help you identify keyloggers, remote Internet connections, ports, as well as suspicious programs.

Simple looks

You are welcomed by clean and intuitive layout that employs four main windows in order to help you perform different scanning processes. There’s also support for a help manual in case you want to find out more about the program’s features.

Scanning capabilities

Anti Hacker is able to identify software programs that are installed on your system for capturing and recording your keystrokes.

Keyloggers are hard to identify, as they do not appear in the Task Manager and you may not be aware that other users are spying on you. At the end of the scanning mode, you can view details about the program name, publisher, risk level, as well as location.

There’s also support for a scan mode that targets all remote Internet connections and reveals details about the executable name, IP address, port number, IP location, and publisher.

What’s more, Anti Hacker helps you carry out tests in order to verify your firewall security by performing an instant port scan of your system. You can check out data about the port number, description, program, publisher, as well as risk level.

When it comes to scanning your system for suspicious applications, the program is able to look for spyware, hacking tools, hidden servers, invisible processes, as well as other potentially harmful utilities. It reveals info about the program name, description, publisher and risk level.

Saving and other options

Anti Hacker gives you the possibility to copy the results to the clipboard so you can easily paste data into other third-party tools or export the information to plain text file format. Furthermore, you can view extra details about a program in the File Properties panel, and terminate the selected tool or perform online searches about it via your default web browser.

Bottom line

All in all, Anti Hacker comes with a decent feature pack for helping you take some proactive measures and check if unauthorized users record your keystrokes and have access to your screen or track your actions. It is suitable for all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

Anti Hacker was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on January 14th, 2015
Anti Hacker - The main window of Anti Hacker will allow you to access all the security tools for a quick and strong protection of your PC.