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With this simple and intuitive application, you can prevent people sitting next to your computer from looking at your windows when you are not paying attention

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AntiSnooper Pro is a lightweight and very easy to understand piece of software whose main purpose is to preserve your privacy, particularly when you are using your computer in public spaces and do not wish for those sitting close to you to be able to read your conversations.

Neatly-structured and practical appearance

The utility features a fairly straightforward and intuitive interface, running both in windowed mode and minimized to the notification are. It makes use of tabs to organize its various sections and allow you to focus on what interests you.

As such, you can work with the ‘Windows Protection’, ‘Protected Profiles’ or ‘Options’ tab, each enabling you to configure certain aspects about AntiSnooper Pro’s functioning.

Automatically blur inactive windows or cover them with a screensaver

From the ‘Windows Protection’ section of the application, you can decide which of the currently opened windows you want to hide, by selecting it from the list. If you are not sure which one it is, you can resort to the ‘Highlight’ button next to each one and AntiSnooper Pro will indicate it.

Next, you can press on the dedicated button to add the window to the protected list, inputting a name for the profile and setting a ‘Protection Time-Out’ in seconds. In terms of ‘Protection Type’, you can opt between obscuring the window, to a preferred degree, or using a screensaver over it, with several available alternatives (‘Bubbles’, ‘Mystify’, ‘Ribbons’ and more), being able to preview each one before making a decision.

The ‘Protected Profiles’ section enumerates the windows you have masked, so you can edit them or remove them altogether, while the ‘Options’ tab enables you to choose whether to run AntiSnooper Pro on startup, or activate system tray mode.

A useful window hider

In conclusion, AntiSnooper Pro is an intuitive and reliable program that was developed to help you keep your personal information safe, even when using your PC in cafes or other public areas, by making sure your opened windows are not readable unless you hover your mouse over them.

AntiSnooper Pro was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 19th, 2014
AntiSnooper Pro - The main window of AntiSnooper Pro allows you to select the window you wish to protectAntiSnooper Pro - The Protection Options window enables you to input a profile name and choose between an obscure or a screensaver windowAntiSnooper Pro - In the Protection Profiles window, you can view the currently protected windows and edit or remove themAntiSnooper Pro

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