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A fast and reliable application whose main purpose is to remove junk files, optimize startup times and improve the performance of your computer.

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Having an antivirus installed on your system does not offer full protection or keep your computer in perfect shape. There are various specialized applications out there such as Baidu PC faster which promise to make your PC as good as new by putting a handful of useful cleaning tools at your disposal.

Make the interface suit your style

From the moment the installer is launched and even using it is eye candy. Every element is cleverly polished and visually appealing, with an abundance of custom skins you can fit the main window with. Each tab you access or option you trigger is packed with animations and highly detailed visuals.

One might expect that this is only a cover up for major issues and problems the application only claims to fix. On the contrary, the design is a neat balance between a rich set of fully functional security features and modern visual elements.

Boosting performance from the start

Right from the start, your computer is put under the scope and checked for errors that might slow down your performance. A percentage indicator displays how much your computer's speed is to be increased, with the possibility to share the post-process statistics with your friends.

Keeping your browsers safe

Accessing the ToolBox unveils the two major categories you can take advantage of, Internet Faster and Computer Faster. The first, as the name suggests, lets you test connection speed, protect browser settings from being changed by malicious software, fix errors while connecting to Facebook and turn your computer into a WiFi Hotspot.

Optimize and clean your computer

For personal use, Computer Faster includes the initial scan feature, Game Faster which optimizes your PC for enhanced gaming experience, clear your hard disk drive of obsolete large files and even run a disk defragmentation process. Additionally, an integrated application lets you permanently remove files so that they cannot be brought back.

To end with

All in all, Baidu PC Faster is a bundle of cleaning features and pretty visual elements. It may not offer complete protection, but truth be told, no application does and Baidu PC Faster includes almost everything you need to keep your PC clean, optimize it for games or manage certain applications to boost up performance.

Baidu PC Faster was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on May 13th, 2015
Baidu PC Faster - You can use Baidu PC Faster to clean up your computer from junk files and increase the startup time in Windows.Baidu PC Faster - Baidu PC Faster can perform full or custom scans in order to detect viruses that might be infecting your computer.Baidu PC Faster - Baidu PC Faster enables you to detect junk files on your computer and optimize the functioning speed of your PC.Baidu PC Faster - screenshot #4Baidu PC Faster - screenshot #5Baidu PC Faster - screenshot #6Baidu PC Faster - screenshot #7Baidu PC Faster - screenshot #8Baidu PC Faster - screenshot #9Baidu PC Faster - screenshot #10Baidu PC Faster - screenshot #11Baidu PC Faster - screenshot #12Baidu PC Faster - screenshot #13Baidu PC Faster - screenshot #14Baidu PC Faster - screenshot #15Baidu PC Faster - screenshot #16Baidu PC Faster - screenshot #17

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