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With this simple and reliable piece of software, you can easily store important information on a secure drive, enabling you to carry the data with you

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BeSafe Secure Drive Free is an easy to use and reliable application aimed to offers you a way of protecting your sensitive data with a password, allowing you to take it with you all the time, by means of AES-encrypted portable storage drives.

Portability benefits

Subsequent to the download process, you can just double-click on the executable to begin working with the program, as its installation is not a requirement.

This translates into an ability to place BeSafe Secure Drive Free on a USB other portable memory devices, carrying both the utility and your protected information with you at all times, running it on all compatible systems without too much hassle.

Setting up the master password

The first time you launch the tool, you will need to setup a master password, based on which you will be able to access BeSafe Secure Drive Free the next time you want to use it.

This way, you can ensure you are the only one who can work with the contents of your storage drive, while also preventing unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your files or being able to use them for their own benefit.

Create your protected storage unit

The main window of BeSafe Secure Drive Free allows you to add a new storage from the context menu, by selecting the corresponding option, then filling in the necessary details, specifically the password, its description and the preferred drive letter.

When done, you can press ‘OK’ and the drive will be listed in the application’s main window. To open it on your computer and be able to insert files in storage, you can check its box and click on the ‘Open’ button, enabling you to access it from Windows Explorer. Thus, you can load the documents you need, then unmount it from the system tray menu, after having completed your work.

Useful data securing instrument

To summarize, BeSafe Secure Drive Free is a handy and efficient piece of software developed to offer you the means of protecting valuable information on the go, using strong encryption algorithms and a password of your own making.

BeSafe Secure Drive Free was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 21st, 2014
BeSafe Secure Drive Free - The first time you use BeSafe Secure Drive Free, you will need to set up a master password to access the appBeSafe Secure Drive Free - From the main window's context menu, you can add, edit or remove a storage driveBeSafe Secure Drive Free - The Storage window enables you to input the access key along with a name for your driveBeSafe Secure Drive Free - screenshot #4