Chrome Download Unblocker (formerly Chrome Malware Alert Blocker)2.0

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Changes Google Chrome's security alerts behavior regarding safe browsing and allows you to download files freely, preventing the browser from blocking legitimate content

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The Google Chrome web browsers enables you to navigate the Internet and remain safe from phishing attempts and various other kind of risky content, by providing you with an anti-malware shield that denies you access to dangerous websites. In spite of that, you might sometimes stumble upon wrongly blocked links, or be unable to download certain files due to this security system.

Disable Chrome's malware alert

Chrome Malware Alert Blocker is a software utility designed to provide you with the means to disable the aforementioned protection measure, by modifying Google Chrome's security settings. Hence, the malware alert can be easily disabled and you gain access to previously blocked websites, although you are exposing yourself to various threats by doing so.

In essence, the utility is comprised of a single button, which controls the state of the malware blocker between enabled and disabled. Additionally, the user interface also displays the current status of the shield, by informing you in bold letters whether the security measures are activated or not.

Low memory consumption levels

Since the utility does not need to perform any complex computations or run in the background at all times to keep the malware alerts blocked, I stays very low when it comes to system resource consumption. Thus, it can be run on any type of computer configuration, regardless of the amount of available memory.

As far as the actual user experience is concerned, you should not run into any difficulties while handling the application, since it makes things very obvious from the get-go and it does not require any special computer skills be used at full potential.

A quick and simple malware alert disabler

In the end, Chrome Malware Alert Blocker holds its end of the deal and it enables you to promptly disable the security measures built into the Google Chrome web browser. Thus, although it is not recommended to keep the alerts blocked indefinitely, you can freely surf the Internet without stumbling upon denied pages or blocked download links.

Chrome Download Unblocker (formerly Chrome Malware Alert Blocker) was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 24th, 2015
Chrome Download Unblocker (formerly Chrome Malware Alert Blocker) - You can block or unblock the ability to freely download files in Google Chrome and also check download status