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Software that prevents tampering with (changing) the computer clock





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Clock Guard is a Windows application that will not allow users to modify the computer clock or its settings. It can be used for various purposes.

A few examples are: 
· Preventing files from being given falsified time/date stamps by manually resetting the system clock and then saving the file.
· Prevent employees who are using a computer-based time clock from altering the time to allow themselves to "punch in" at a falsified time.
· Prevent users who have time limited programs (programs that can only be used at certain times) from accessing these programs at improper times.
· Prevent people who are paying for computer use on a time basis from resetting the clock to reduce the amount of time they pay for.
· Prevent people who are restricted to a certain amount of computer time per day (usually children) from resetting the computer clock to give themselves more time.
Last updated on May 13th, 2010
Clock Guard - The Clock Guard Controller's main window lets you enable or disable the Clock Guard protectionClock Guard - The Protection Level window will allow you to activate the settings that suit your necessitiesClock Guard - The Input Administrator Password window allows you to create a password so that other persons won't have access to your settings

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