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Internet Anonymity with your very own Virtual Private Network connection that makes your Internet experience simple as well as secure

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One of the drawbacks of surfing online is the possibility of losing personal data. VPN service providers strive to solve this issue and one of these is CyberGhost VPN.

Based on the OpenVPN protocol with SSL encryption, it enables you to navigate on the Internet, using a secure virtual private network. Thus, data transfers, user actions and the location address are concealed, allowing you to surf anonymously.

In order to use the application, you need an account. Once you enter your credentials, you can access the main interface that displays your PC's IP address and subscription-related information. To create a private network, simply press the 'Connect to VPN' button.

Although you can choose the server you want to connect to using the 'Server list' section, it is advisable that you let the application select the server for you. You can only access servers located in Germany (for other European servers, you have to choose another payment plan), which are fast and reliable.

Once connected, you can view your new IP address and find your location in the 'Server map' section. Then, you can start using the Internet as you do normally, without worrying that your private data might get stolen.

CyberGhost VPN provides you with a range of subscription plans that are suitable for all user categories. For instance, the basic, free plan can be useful for short sessions while the paid version allows you to access a larger number of servers distributed in more countries.

The software comes with additional features to enhance the connection security. It deletes the browser cookies and history (only in Internet Explorer), verifies the password security and restricts mail sending. In order to send e-mails, you have to register the e-mail client in the exception list of the program.

CyberGhost VPN proves to be a powerful protection tool for erasing your trails while navigating online, that is, if you are willing to put up with its speed and quota limitations. If not, you can always subscribe for a new plan and surf online with no worries.

CyberGhost VPN was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on May 22nd, 2015
CyberGhost VPN - CyberGhost VPN will provide you with Internet anonymity with your very own Virtual Private Network connectionCyberGhost VPN - Users will be able to quickly and easily change the simulated country from a very wide array of optionsCyberGhost VPN - The Change Simulated IP Address section will also help you set a more specific connectionCyberGhost VPN - screenshot #4CyberGhost VPN - screenshot #5CyberGhost VPN - screenshot #6CyberGhost VPN - screenshot #7CyberGhost VPN - screenshot #8CyberGhost VPN - screenshot #9CyberGhost VPN - screenshot #10

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