Endpoint Security Manager

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Centralized management tool for all your endpoint security needs.






Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (CESM) enables the remote, centralized management of end-point security products such as Comodo Internet Security on corporate workstations. With Comodo Endpoint Security Manager you will save time, money and increase network wide security. Unlike conventional security software providers; Comodo has adopted a Default Deny Protection model.

Default Deny Protection takes an advanced approach to preventing security breaches and reducing downtime. By working within the universe of known and safe executables, unknown applications within the environment are challenged prior to execution.

In the event of a virus outbreak, this model eliminates the need for IT administrators to scramble for the latest AntiVirus signatures. Furthermore, this application will enhance Comodo's end-to-end expertise when it comes to delivering and supporting Endpoint Security products.

Deploying CESM will rapidly strengthen overall organizational security, simplify administration and immediately deliver significant operational cost efficiencies. Layered, fully integrated and proven endpoint protection from Comodo Internet Security endpoint security software – including proactive antivirus, packet filtering firewall, Host Intrusion Prevention and buffer overflow protection.

The combination of award winning endpoint security software, low cost licensing and a powerful central management console make CESM the natural choice for enterprises of all sizes looking to protect their entire workforce with best of breed security.

Individually, each Comodo security product delivers superior protection against its’ specific threat vector. As a combined and centralized solution, Comodo’s security products provide an exponential level of desktop security that protects your business in one secure solution.

Note: A free first-time use 3-endpoint/1-year license is included in the download and will automatically be applied to any unlicensed product
Last updated on November 16th, 2012
Endpoint Security Manager - This is the Main Settings tab of the Configuration Tool window where you can set the server network addresses.Endpoint Security Manager - You can import a certificate, bind to another certificate or create a certificate signing request.Endpoint Security Manager - Use the Internet and Mail Settings tab to provide the address and login information for the proxy server.Endpoint Security Manager - In the Event Log tab of the Configuration Tool users are able to inspect the history of actions since the application has started.