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Browse the Internet in a more secured manner by having your virtual identity hidden using this lightweight and practical software application

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There are several ways to protect your identity while going online, most of them provided by your web browser. However, security is increased when using applications like Expat Shield that intends to help you change your identity when you browse the Internet. You can use it in order to protect your computer and personal information against hackers.

Easily enable and disable connection

The program aims to shield you from identity theft by routing the Internet connection through a remote IP located in the United Kingdom. You can connect and disconnect from the service anytime by using the tray icon context menu. Each time you use the application you are assigned a different IP address which prevents you from being identified.

Gain access to any desired website

This tool can also be used to connect to websites that are restricted in your region. It allows you to view websites or video links that are blocked for your country such as YouTube videos. Since the assigned IP addresses are from United Kingdom, it does not work with the websites that are only available to certain countries.

Take caution in the setup process

The program requires insignificant resources to run therefore it has no impact on the computer's performance. You can use the program with almost no influence on the browsing speed.

When you install the program, it attempts to install components that are not required for its use. You can easily decline the installation and continue the program installation. However, when you use the remote IP all the web pages display a banner at the top of the page that occupies a part of the browser window.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Expat Shield is capable of providing that extra security you need when online. If you are concerned with the security of your connection and the displayed banners do not bother you, this application can conceal your real IP address.

Expat Shield was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on July 29th, 2014
Expat Shield - Expat Shield will help you quickly and easily protect your identity when browsing your favorite websitesExpat Shield - Users will be able to access a web-based interface of the application and ask for details as well as connect and disconnect the serviceExpat Shield - The Details button will reveal the VPN IP / Server Address and statistics about traffic and connection time

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