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A simple tool designed to unveil the presence of the Heartbleed SSL bug for a list of hosts or a range of IP addresses of your choice

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The Heartbleed bug was discovered at the beginning of April, 2014 and spread panic across the virtual world, truly testing the response of companies to security issues. What is said to be one of the most important threats to online privacy affected hundreds of websites and gave cyber criminals an opportunity to strike before companies managed to update their OpenSSL installations.

As a consequence, multiple services were launched to help website owners find out whether their server is vulnerable to data theft. FormosaAuditor OpenSSL Heartbleed Tester is an offline utility that does the same thing, enabling you to check whether the website you have entrusted with your information is susceptible to attacks.

Scan multiple hosts to detect Heartbleed weak points

The application can scan a range of IP addresses of your choice or a list of hosts stored inside a text file. By default, the port number is set to 443, but this field is editable.

You can instruct FormosaAuditor OpenSSL Heartbleed Tester to write a file containing a list of all the IP addresses that are detected as vulnerable and save it locally.

Intuitive looks that make it easy to handle

Overall, using it shouldn't pose any difficulty whatsoever, especially since all the options are displayed within the same window, making it accessible and easy to work with.

Its interface is simple and well organized, comprising a table that shows details about each verified IP address or host, along with the test result. It also shows the used security protocol and the used encryption method for each entry in the table.

Test your server for the Heartbleed bug

FormosaAuditor OpenSSL Heartbleed Tester is a handy tool for website owners who rely on the OpenSSL to secure communications and data transfers. But mostly it can prove useful to regular users who want to know if the services they frequently use really care about information security, revealing whether they have patched their OpenSSL installations by now or not.

FormosaAuditor OpenSSL Heartbleed Tester was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on June 14th, 2014
FormosaAuditor OpenSSL Heartbleed Tester - You can use FormosaAuditor OpenSSL Heartbleed Tester to scan an entire range of IP addresses.