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Gain instant access to any website regardless of your location while keeping your computer safe with this powerful software application

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When you want to access websites located on overseas servers, you might notice that it takes a little more time than usual until they are displayed. Similarly, depending on your location, some webpages might not be available altogether. Freegate Expert Edition can help you in both these situations, as it can anonymize your IP and allow you to browse any page without any restriction.

Remove delay when connecting to pages

The application basically connects to a third-party platform to make it seem that your computer is actually located in another country, so servers no longer block or delay your access.

You simply need to launch the application, then leave it running in the background while you browse the Internet to the websites you choose, and you will not notice any delay no matter where the sites are hosted.

Enhcances connection for other apps

Freegate Expert Edition can also be used in conjunction with other third-party applications, including, but not restricted to, web browsers, radio streaming tools or TV watchers. In other words, you can extend the anonymization functionality to all the apps on your PC which need to connect to the Internet without configuring any complicated parameters - simply drag and drop any program you want to run, then launch it from the main window of Freegate Expert Edition.

Furthermore, you can set this software utility to erase the browser history whenever you close the app, thus making sure nobody else will be able to access the pages you visited.

In conclusion

All in all, while the application can be customized by those with advanced PC skills, its default configuration should also be enough for novices who want to preserve their anonymity on the Internet, without needing to change any variables or modifying complex settings.

Freegate Expert Edition was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on July 29th, 2014
Freegate Expert Edition - At first launch, you will be prompted to configure the proxy list.Freegate Expert Edition - This is the main window of Freegate Expert Edition, where you will be able to access all the features of the application.Freegate Expert Edition - Freegate Expert Edition allows users to switch between two tunnels.Freegate Expert EditionFreegate Expert EditionFreegate Expert Edition

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