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Made to restrict other users' access to directories by hiding them, featuring password protection and wrapped in a portable package

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HiddenDIR is a small-sized and portable software utility designed to help you make folders invisible, in order to prevent other users from accessing private data. It comes in handy to administrators who share their computers with other users.

Portability perks

Since installation is not a prerequisite, you can put the program files in any location on the hard disk and just click the executable to run the app. There is also the possibility to save HiddenDIR to a pen drive or other mass storage device, in order to run it on any PC without installing anything.

Note that the device should not be read-only, since the tool automatically creates some files. On the other hand, it does not alter Windows registry settings, so it does not increase the risk of stability issues.

Plain interface with intuitive options

The developer does not put much emphasis on looks, as HiddenDIR seems quite outdated. However, it is very simple to work with, since it features just a few options.

How to hide and unhide folders

Directories may be pointed out for hiding via the tree view only. Unfortunately, the drag-and-drop functionality is not supported here. They are automatically hidden once they're in the list, and you can view their full path. In order to make the items visible again, all you have to do is make a selection and click a button.

Password protection

If you think that others may discover HiddenDIR and learn how to unhide the folders, then the app gives you the possibility of restricting access via password protection; confirming it is necessary. In addition, you can view instructions on how to use the tool. There are no other notable options available.

Evaluation and conclusion

Either HiddenDIR is built faulty or it did not work in our evaluation on Windows 7, although this OS version is supposedly covered by the app. The folders are not actually made invisible but transparent, just like viewing hidden files in Windows Explorer when the "Show hidden files, folders, or drives" option is activated. In this case, users should look for something more reliable for hiding directories.

HiddenDIR was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 5th, 2014
HiddenDIR - The main window of HiddenDIR enables you to select the file to secure.

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