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A simple application that gives you the possibility to connect to the Internet with your IP hidden, with support for most common web browsers

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Staying on the safe side while browsing the web doesn't only come down to your antivirus, firewall or antispyware solution, but also to some other dedicated tools designed to protect your privacy. Hide IP NG is a software solution that aims to support your efforts to maintain privacy while browsing the web by doing exactly what its name suggests: hiding your IP address.

Hides your IP while active

Hide IP NG, an abbreviation for Hide IP New Generation, is actually a proxy tool that can change your IP when connected to the Internet. The only requirement is to keep the app open during the whole browsing session and the software does the rest of the job.

Not available everywhere

Installing and running Hide IP NG isn't that difficult, but keep in mind that the program is restricted in some countries of the world, something you will discover after you launch it the first time.

One thing we noticed during our tests is that the Internet connection tends to become a little bit slowed down, but this can just as well be caused by the proxies used for the Internet connection.

Little effort required on your behalf

There's nothing too complicated about Hide IP NG, as it can work with the most popular browsers out there, namely Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. It has dedicated plugins for them, so user interaction is kept as minimal as possible.

In conclusion

All things considered, Hide IP NG is a decent solution to keep your privacy while online, but not if you intend to get the most out of your fast Internet connection. It does not require you to keep it under close watch, but it needs a little more work and larger support to become truly practical.

Hide IP NG was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on October 6th, 2014
Hide IP NG - The main window of Hide IP NG enables users to choose the browsers they want to use the app withHide IP NG - You can create a list with all the websites that you do not want to use Hide IP NG withHide IP NG - You can access the HotKey tab when you want to activate hotkey support and customize the keys combinationsHide IP NG - Hide IP NG is displayed in the system tray, and you can easily hide your current IP when you want to be stealth on the Internet

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