Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor1.0.0.0

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Use this lightweight and user-friendly application to decrypt any files from your computer that were affected by Trojan.Ransom.BAT.Scatter

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Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor is an intuitive and reliable piece of security software designed to offer you a simple method of reverting the effects of the Ransom.BAT.Scatter infection from your system.

Portability advantages

Subsequent to downloading it, you can decompress the archive and run the executable, as it does not require installation in order to function, but you do need to use your administrator privileges.

As a result, you can store Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor on removable memory devices and transport it with you, using it anywhere you think the Trojan has done some damage, be it at home or at the office.

Clear-cut and accessible appearance

The application displays a very user-friendly and approachable interface, making it easy to handle by anyone, regardless of your level of prior experience with such tools.

To attest to its simplicity, the main window of Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor only features a ‘Start Scan’ button, while the ‘Change Parameters’ option allows you to modify the analysis settings (the objects to be analyzed and how to dispose of the decrypted files).

Locate and decrypt files afflicted by the Ransom.BAT.Scatter Trojan

In order to function properly, after pressing the ‘Start Scan’ button, you will need to specify the precise location of a single encrypted file, by browsing through your PC and opening the item in the program.

Afterward, Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor is capable of detecting the rest of the encrypted files on its own, restoring them to their original state. When complete, the results are displayed in a log window, along with the duration of the scan, the number of processed items, as well as the number of found and decrypted files.

A handy tool for repairing the effects of Trojan.Ransom.BAT.Scatter

In closing, Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor proves to be a highly useful and effective application that you can resort to if you believe your computer may have been the target of this Trojan, as it helps you fix all the encrypted files in just a few mouse moves.

Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 31st, 2014
Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor - The main window of Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor allows you to start the scan process with a simple button pressKaspersky ScatterDecryptor - From the Settings window, you can pick the objects you want to scan and optionally delete crypted files after decryption