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KeyTool IUI is a compact utility developed in Java for creating and accessing a repository of security keys. The application allows you to generate a JKS or JCEKS file that contains various key types and certificates.

The keystore files usually contain private keys and certificates that are required by various software solutions for accessing certain resources. This app enables you to create DSA, RSA and EC keys that can be used for signing certain components.

You can use the application to sign a file with a security certificate and to verify a file. It supports both detached and embedded signature files. You just need to select the keystore file and the XML file that needs to be signed.

This tool is able to import a regular trusted certificate or a root CA certificate in order to use it for the current keystore. The supported files list includes some of the Public Key Cryptography standards and can store the keystore files to multiple formats such as Bouncycastle Keystore or Java Cryptography Extension Keystore.

While the app is not designed for the casual computer user, the developers that use keystores to sign or encrypt files can easily access the main features from the left side panel. All the tasks are presented in a tree-like structure which makes it easier to locate a certain operation.

If you are just beginning to use cryptography tools, the program includes an extensive documentation that covers every available function. This makes KeyTool IUI an easy to use application for managing keystore files and certificates.

KeyTool IUI was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on January 21st, 2013
KeyTool IUIKeyTool IUIKeyTool IUI

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