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KioWare Browser provides users with a useful and reliable application designed to help them restrict the access to their Internet Explorer browser.

With the help of KioWare Browser you are able to allow the access to your desktop and block specific pop-ups or URL addresses.

By using KioWare Browser, the application becomes your default browser and each time someone tries to view your browser's content or change its configurations, you will be notified.
Last updated on May 20th, 2014
KioWare Browser - With KioWare Browser you have the possibility to restrict the access to your browser and block specific domainsKioWare Browser - From the dedicated window you are able to specify the start page URL address and use XML configurationsKioWare Browser - The application allows you to select the browser emulation mode and configure the pop-up settingsKioWare Browser - You can navigate to the 'Popup Settings' window if you want to specify the maximum number of pop-ups