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An alarm system for your laptop that can notify you when the computer is in danger of being stolen and automatically destroy confidential data

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LAlarm provides laptop owners with a reliable utility designed to protect stored data and prevent theft attempts. It can prove useful in case the laptop gets stolen, helping the user find it or simply destroy sensitive data.

The application runs as a Windows service, automatically activating the theft, battery and health alarms. Following a simple installation process and the mandatory system restart, the service is launched and you can configure its settings via the 'Options' window.

Laptop theft alarm and data protection

It features a total of seven alarms that can be activated in order to protect the laptop and the data stored on it. You can customize the sounds to play for each.

The most important feature is definitely the theft alarm. The application can automatically play a sound file when you leave the computer unattended for a longer time or when the laptop exits user-defined safe zones, which are ranges of IP addresses assigned by the router in your home or office.

If your laptop gets stolen, LAlarm can proceed to destroying important documents after a number of failed Windows login attempts. Moreover, it can also recover the lost data on a stolen laptop.

Battery, health and other alarms

LAlarm can alert you when the battery is getting low, so that you avoid unpleasant situations when data is lost due to sudden power loss. It can also sound the alarm when the battery is not functioning at its full potential, enabling you to take the necessary measures to prolong its life.

The so-called health alarm can notify you when it's time to take a break from work, in order to protect your eyes and body.

Seven alarms to protect your laptop

LAlarm implements a real security system on your laptop, preventing important data from ending up in the wrong hands. It enables you to avoid laptop misuse and can make sure that the computer stays within a safe perimeter.

LAlarm - Free Laptop Alarm was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on April 9th, 2014
LAlarm - Free Laptop Alarm - LAlarm emits a loud alarm sound when a thief tries to steal a laptop and it recovers and destroys sensitive data if the laptop is stolen.LAlarm - Free Laptop Alarm - Here is how you are able to enable the disk alarm and the battery longevity alarm too.LAlarm - Free Laptop Alarm - It helps prevent laptop misuse and keeps the laptop within a safe boundary.LAlarm - Free Laptop Alarm - screenshot #4LAlarm - Free Laptop Alarm - screenshot #5

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