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Turn your keyboard strokes and the desktop space invisible to keylogging utilities by running specific programs inside a protected area

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Computer spying activities are carried out by cybercriminals by infecting the target computer with specially created tools that can record the activity of the keyboard as well as the programs that are opened by the user.

Purpose and interface

Mask S.W.B. is a program designed specifically to foil such malicious actions by running user-defined applications in a secure environment where desktop activity and keystrokes are masked.

The main application window may appear a bit complicated at the beginning but after a few clicks here and there you should be able to get the gist of it, even in lack of proper documentation.


Basically, a list of programs needs to be assigned to Mask S.W.B. so that it can run them through its protection in order to mask all activity directed at respective programs.

The application comes with a built-in network monitor that shows all the processes currently exchanging data with remote locations. The screen offers the name of the process, the protocol used for the transmission of data, the remote IP as well as the local and remote port.

This area of the program can be useful when malicious activity is detected and you want to check the exact processes communicating outside the computer.

Additionally, in the main application window there is a resource monitor that keeps an eye out on the current load on the CPU and on the Mask S.W.B. platform. This can prove handy when the computer or the platform become sluggish.


Mask S.W.B. is not difficult to use and its purpose covers a real need. It keeps an eye out for all processes that initiate a remote connection, which can help detect programs engaged in malicious activities.

Nevertheless, it does not fulfill the role of a full-blown anti-virus product, which features anti-keylogging protection and in some cases even an isolated environment for conducting sensitive activities.

Mask S.W.B was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on March 27th, 2014
Mask S.W.B - The main application window allows launching programs you want to be protected against keylogger interceptionMask S.W.B - The network monitoring section displays the current process connections and provides management optionsMask S.W.B - The configuration panel of the product enables you to define a set of programs that should start in protected mode

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