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A recovery solution that makes it possible to start a virused system in a protected environment and try to remove the malware threats

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Curing an infected PC is no easy feat and sometimes not even the most powerful tools are able to completely remove the viruses. Nonetheless, one can at least try and the first step is getting inside the malware contaminated system, a task that is made possible by rescue utilities like Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool.

Simple wizard interface for creating the recovery ISO

This program is designed to help anyone create a rescue CD or DVD and it is also suitable for use with bootable USB storage devices. It functions in a straightforward manner, guiding the user through the few steps that are necessary to complete the job.

Informative and easy to go through, the setup of Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool needs only a few minutes to achieve its goal, namely to create a safe environment from where one can fight the viruses that affected a computer.

Quick device selection to speedily create the bootable media

Since there are only three possible choices regarding the device where Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper should be installed, the whole process should go on smoothly. Thus, it is possible to use a blank DVD or CD, a USB drive without password protections or create an ISO image that can be stored locally and written to disc at a later time.

The last option enables users to choose the location where the disc image will be stored and after downloading the content, the ISO file will be created automatically, without requiring any user intervention.

A convenient method to create a portable system rescue disc

All things considered, Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool is a handy software solution devised to offer a simple means of building a secure environment that can be used for disinfecting malware infested PCs or attempting to rescue some files from that computer.

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on April 15th, 2014
Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool - This is the main window of Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper that allows you to choose the type of device you wish to use.Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool - If you opt for the advanced ISO method, you'll be able to provide the desired location in this tab of Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper.Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool - Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper shows you the real-time progress of the operation in this window of the application.