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A straightforward and versatile application whose main purpose is to help you control your computer remotely from any device, be it phone or tablet

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MobiController is an effective and practical program worth having when you need to control your computer in a secure way and access your important documents, presentations and photos remotely, irrespective of the device you choose to work with, be it tablet, mobile phone or any other device that has a web browser.

The main usage of the application is very simply - although it does not require you to install the program on your portable device, MobiController will immediately establish a connection through LAN (Local Area Network) and let you to control your PC the way you want. However, you need to make sure that the program seamlessly works on your computer and the service is running.

Once the installation process is finished and the server is started, all you have to do is to input the local IP address into any web browser, then start managing your computer.

Quite interesting about this program is that it supports various controllers that help you to manage your system, your presentations, browse for specific files, upload and download, control the mouse and keyboard, turn off the screen and manage all the running processes. In fact, MobiController uses different controllers with the help of which you can perform various actions and manage your computer and documents the way you want.

Since it comes with three embedded controllers, namely ‘Administration Controller’, ‘Media Controller’ and ‘TouchPad Controller’, you are able to shutdown, restart or log off the PC, turn off the display, manage all of the available processes, send play, pause and volume commands to supporting media players, as well as check the sensitivity of your Touch mousepad. Also, the application allows you to install new controllers, in case the default ones don't fit your needs.

By accessing the ‘Connections’ menu, you are able to organize and track all the connected devices. You can preview the IP address, the agent and the authorization for each device.

Additionally, the application allows you to modify the server’s name and its port number, manage all the accounts and organize the available controllers by using the Settings window.

Considering all of the above, MobiController allows you to securely control your computer, PowerPoint presentations and the keyboard the way you want from your phone or tablet with ease.

MobiController was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on May 21st, 2014
MobiController - With the help of MobiController you are able to securely control your PC from you mobile phone, tablet or any other deviceMobiController - By accessing the Controllers menu you are able to add a new controller, or simply remove the existing oneMobiController - The 'Event Log' window displays all of the log information and sorts them by type and occurred timeMobiController - screenshot #4MobiController - screenshot #5MobiController - screenshot #6MobiController - screenshot #7MobiController - screenshot #8MobiController - screenshot #9MobiController - screenshot #10MobiController - screenshot #11

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