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A software utility that enables you to clean your computer from temporary Internet files, as well as sanitize the cache and cookie folders

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Since most of your time is spend navigating the Internet, a lot of the information you view in your browser is usually saved somewhere on the computer, whether to speed up the surfing experience, or to keep your login data stored for future use. Hence, these documents can hold details about your various online accounts, which can be easily extracted if someone gets access to your computer.

Remove every type of temporary files

My Privacy is a software utility that enables you to scan your computer and detect every temporary file created by your Internet browser, as well as view an extensive document history. To begin the procedure, all you have to do is to start the analysis and the application scours your entire hard disk for any sign of temporary content that might hold private information.

Thus, after the scan is complete, the utility displays every found item and allows you to remove them with a simple mouse click. In addition, you can also opt to remove everything at once, without bothering to save certain folders or check whether the found documents hold anything of importance.

Clear your browser cache

Regardless of what Internet browser you might happen to use, they all require a cache folder, where temporary information is downloaded. Usually, the data stored here is deleted after a certain period and it mostly formed out of images, videos and other type of content that needs to be saved on your computer before you are able to view it.

Thus, the utility is able to clear the cache for both Internet Explorer and Firefox, as well as as open their respective folders and allow you to manually choose which items to get rid off. Furthermore, you can also view and clean the cookies, as well as view lists containing the recently visited web pages and every file accessed from your computer.

A thorough system cleaner

All in all, My Privacy is a useful application, despite the fact that it does not offer you any settings or configurations when it comes to the scan process. It is, however, capable to find every temporary file stored on your drive, as well as efficiently clear your cache and cookie folders.

My Privacy was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 16th, 2014
My Privacy - You can start the analysis and remove all the unnecessary files from the main window of the application.My Privacy - The IE cache tab displays all the temporary files saved into Internet Explorer's cache folder.My Privacy - The Temporary files tab allows you to view a list of all the temporary documents on your computer.

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