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An application that can detect changes made by spyware onto your PC by performing an in-depth scan which will point out the files affected by viruses

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OTL by OldTimer is a handy and reliable program designed to identify modifications that were made by spyware and virus infections on your computer, generating a detailed report of the findings that can be further analyzed in order to determine the best fix.

OTL by OldTimer is nothing similar to a malware remover or an antivirus product, for that matter. The only common trait with such applications is the thorough scan process, which produces a log file, but does not isolate malware in the same way that a security program does.

It is best used by advanced users, since significant computer know-how is required in order to manipulate it properly and more importantly, to interpret the results of the scan.

OTL by OldTimer is brought in a self-contained form and can be run as is, hence there’s no need for an installation process. The main window is fairly simple, although the options present here must be carefully analyzed beforehand.

A complete scan is a thorough and lengthy process that concerns the most common areas of the computer, which are most likely to be affected by malware. On the other hand, a quick scan takes less, but the results are less extensive than the ones provided by the complete mode.

The main areas that make the target of the complete scan are also stated in the main window and can be disabled, although this is not recommended. As such, processes, services, drivers and the registry will make the object of a scan that can cover all the user accounts present on a system.

The log generated by the scan process should be analyzed in detail or forwarded to specialists that can pinpoint the problems affecting your computer. There’s also the possibility to load fixes in script form in order to remove malware residing in a specific location.

The general idea behind OTL by OldTimer is to offer a comprehensive report of sensitive areas that are often affected by spyware. With this report, users can visually identify the issues and seek resolutions online, for instance.

OTL by OldTimer was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 17th, 2014
OTL by OldTimer - The main window of the application allows you to configure the scan settings before starting a new search