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A reliable application that enables you to determine the strength of your passwords, store them in a database or generate new security codes

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PassLock Password Manager is a simple to use application that enables you to verify the strength of your passwords, as well as to store them in a secure database. The software is designed to help you improve the level of protection for your online accounts, by analyzing the complexity of the password associated with each of them.

Password diagnosis and storage

PassLock Password Manager enables you to create a database in which to store account details, such as username, email address, password, website and custom notes. The database entries are only accessible through PassLock Password Manager, which prompts you to set a password the first time you open it.

The software itself is protected by a password and a security question, designed to assure you no unauthorized user can access your private data. The software can store multiple account entries and it can analyze each password individually. The password analysis regards its length and the type of characters contained within.

Password diagnosis and generator

The password analysis can determine how quick can it be overridden by specific programs or algorithm. Thus, the longer a password is and the more types of characters it contains, the stronger it is. Moreover, scrambled characters, with no grammatical meaning increase the strength of the password.

In addition to analyzing the strength of your password, the software can also generate random strings of characters that can serve as protection codes for diverse accounts. Simply specify the minimum and maximum number of characters you wish your password to contain, then the type of characters. You may add lower and upper case letters, digits, special symbols, as well as a specific prefix and suffix. The software can generate up to 10 passwords at a time, but you may acquire even more by refreshing the list.

Password strength verifier

PassLock Password Manager is a reliable tool that can verify the level of security your password brings to a specified account. Moreover, it serves as a safe storage space for all the data regarding account credentials: usernames, passwords or email addresses. Additionally, it can generate a multitude of strong passwords, of custom length, with random letters, digits or special symbols.

PassLock Password Manager was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 14th, 2014
PassLock Password Manager - PassLock Password Manager is a simple to use software that enables you to check the strength of your passwords.PassLock Password Manager - The strength of the password determines the level of security it ensures to any account protected by the specified pass phrase.PassLock Password Manager - A strong password, according to the software is that which contains letters, digits, uppercases and special symbols.PassLock Password Manager - screenshot #4