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Passwords are meant to protect content and provide access to it as a method of authentication. They have been around long before computers and since their arrival, passwords have grown in number on a daily basis. Amongst their multiple uses, passwords block unauthorized users from accessing on-line accounts such as e-mails, social networks or instant messaging.

The concept has intrigued people in trying to crack these passwords and thus gain access to other people's or companies' accounts in order to use or even publish confidential information. Some of them even have built groups like Anonymous or LulzSec in order to fight Internet censorship, or injustices of politicians, governments, banks, financial institutions.

These actions proved that any password can be cracked using the right set of tools and the necessary know-how. Beside this particularly tedious process, you can also try to get stored passwords from their specific fields by removing the asterisk or bullet mask that keeps them hidden from the eye. While this can also be used for totally unorthodox purposes, it also helps the ones that tend to forget their passwords and are in dire need of recovering them.

The password-revealing software category holds many applications that brag on getting your passwords back by scanning underneath their masks. Password Viewer is one of them and sits at the top within its Softpedia category, above other programs such as Password Cracker, Password Reveal Pro, Asterisk Key or ShowPass. Just like its companions, Password Viewer comes packing a simplistic interface and only relies on your guidance in order to try decrypting password strings.

Using its provided cross-hair, all you have to do is aim at the password field you want to attack and then click on the bottom palm icon that enables the decoding process and shows information regarding the selected `Handle`, its `Class` and window `Caption` as well as the decrypted password. While the application performs well on certain applications, it doesn't work for any new version of Internet browser.

Password Viewer comes in very handy for particular people as well as particular software. It does a great job at revealing passwords and manages to do so with a lot of applications. It's kryptonite resides in the new versions of Internet browsers. This being said, if the password you are trying to decrypt is stored within the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera, then Password Viewer is not the tool you want to try out.

Password Viewer was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on June 18th, 2012
Password Viewer - Password Viewer will help you quickly and easily view password field's masked content

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