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An application that enables you to block pornographic images in the received email messages, as well as filter mature language inside your web browser

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Pornography has become pretty hard to avoid on the Internet, especially when it comes to spam emails and web surfing. Pop-up ads, shady redirects and even malware can flood your screen with mature content at the worst times.

PicBlock is an application that enables you to avoid these situations by detecting such content beforehand and stopping it from being displayed.

Choose the sensitivity level and enable the face detection

PicBlock uses a facial recognition algorithm to differentiate between pornographic materials and safe images, by analyzing the amount of exposed skin visible in the picture. If the application blocks an image by mistake, you can unblock it manually, or create a whole list of safe websites on which to disable the protection.

You can choose between various sensitivity levels, such as “strict”, “normal” or “mild”, which restrict different amounts of content, depending on what websites you are planning on visiting. Every time an image is blocked, the application displays a notification in the system tray or a dialog prompt that informs you about the details.

Filter mature language and blacklist website addresses

In case you have children who use the same computer, PicBlock enables you to filter certain words to protect them from swearing and any other kind of mature language. You can even add custom words to the list, which is especially useful if you need to block words in a different language than English.

Entire website can also be blocked and restricted by adding them to the blacklist utility. These addresses will not be accessible from your computer, regardless of the web browser or any Internet proxies used to reach them.

In conclusion

PicBlock keeps you and your children safe from unwanted mature material, such as pop-up ads, spam emails and other kind of Internet pornography. The application runs in the background and it is fairly easy to set up and use, with all the options being explained and detailed for your convenience.

PicBlock was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 8th, 2014
PicBlock - The Configuration tab enables you to modify the sensitivity level and change the keyboard shortcuts.PicBlock - You can require a password for unblocking content, viewing logs and disabling PicBlock by accessing the Security tab.PicBlock - The Log tab allows you to set the log path and change the maximum size for the log file.PicBlock - screenshot #4PicBlock - screenshot #5

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