Portable DNS Cache

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DNS communication monitoring application with options to filter and block unwanted domain names, all within a simple, portable package





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Portable DNS Cache is a reliable and efficient monitoring tool that enables you to record the DNS cache and save it to a file, so that you can later use or analyze it.

With this utility, you can view the communication channels between a computer and the DNS server, by monitoring requests and responses. It differentiates requests resolved locally from requests resolved via DNS servers, it filters and blocks unwanted domain names according to filtering patterns.

The real-time monitoring and firewall capabilities reveal "the secrets" of many programs that are sneaking to the Internet behind your back. The simplicity of the user interface allows to perform tasks quickly and intuitively.
Last updated on May 3rd, 2015
Portable DNS Cache - Portable DNS Cache  is a simple and user-friendly utility that you can use to monitor online activityPortable DNS Cache - From the Resolver Log tab, users can view the host names and accessing time, then copy the information to clipboardPortable DNS Cache - The Filters tab of Portable DNS Cache enables users to create a new filter, edit or delete an existing onePortable DNS CachePortable DNS CachePortable DNS CachePortable DNS Cache

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