Portable DNS Cache

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DNS communication monitoring application with options to filter and block unwanted domain names, all within a simple, portable package

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Portable DNS Cache is an intuitive application that provides users with the possibility to monitor all of their DNS cache, as well as to save them to a file on their computers, thus being able to have a closer look at it when needed.

View all communication with a server

With the help of this application, users can view all of the communication between their computers and a DNS servers, thus being able to monitor all of the requests and responses.

The software can differentiate between the requests that have been resolved locally and those that have been resolved via the DNS server. Moreover, the tool displays this info in real time.

Support for filters and DNS forwarding

The tool has been designed with support for applying a series of filters to the recorded communications so that users could block specific domains. At the same time, they can set the tool never to block desired domains.

Users can take advantage of DNS forwarding capabilities from within the application, and can choose the DNS proxy they prefer. On top of that, users can set the software to deliver audio feedback when issuing or blocking queries and when responses are successful or unsuccessful.

Pause and playback cache

Portable DNS Cache offers the option to pause the cache at any time, directly from its main window. Furthermore, users are provided with the possibility to playback the recorded cache, and they can also clear it with a single mouse click.

Users can save the recorded cache whenever they want, to a file on their computer. Thus, they can keep track of and compare activities during computer sessions effortlessly.

A snappy utility

All in all, Portable DNS Cache is an easy-to-use, fast application that enables users to keep track of the communication between their computer and a DNS server. It can display info on requests and responses, can be used to block domains, and also displays info on how the queries are resolved.

Portable DNS Cache was reviewed by Ionut Arghire
Last updated on August 11th, 2015
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