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A web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for protecting privacy

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Privoxy is a proxy server that allows you to block specific pages and to protect the computer users from unwanted web content. The main purpose of the application is to control the webpages that can be opened and to filter out ads, pop-up windows and banners.

The application allows you to apply a customized set of rules that protects the user from being assaulted with unwanted information. Thus, you can block certain sites, stop others from saving cookies on your computer and disable the JavaScript on the potentially dangerous pages.

You can also use the application to prevent the user from accessing certain pages that are not necessary or appropriate to their activity. This approach can be used for companies that want to limit the Internet access in order to ensure proper bandwidth usage.

The parameters of the server are highly customizable and practically allow you to write your own rules and actions directly in the configuration files. Unlike other applications that hide some of them under the hood, Privoxy ensures the seasoned network administrators that they have access to every single parameter.

Although this feature labels the application as very flexible, it appears harder to configure for the casual users that have to learn the syntax and the parameters. However, the application provides you with detailed instructions in the configuration files and it is recommended to take time to read them before editing the parameters.

The proxy can also modify certain parts from the webpage in order to provide the end-user with the relevant information. This approach is used for removing banners and replacing them with dummy content in order to save bandwidth.

Since the interface is only required to read the log messages and to view the filtered content, it requires minimal resources and has no impact on the computer performance.

Privoxy is a good solution both for the users that want to block ads and for the administrators that want to filter the Internet traffic for multiple network computers.

Privoxy was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on January 27th, 2015
Privoxy - Privoxy will provide users with a web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for protecting privacyPrivoxy - The Options menu will help users edit the main configuration as well as default / user actions or filters

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