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A reliable and handy software solution that helps you protect your privacy while browsing the web, as well as discard disk changes at reboot

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Malware can creep into your computer in many ways and sometimes you might not discover it until it is too late - your data is corrupted and you can no longer access various programs.

Quietzone is a handy application that can be of great use and prevent such situations, since it creates a virtualized environment where you can explore websites in complete safety.

Browse the Internet without leaving any traces

Due to the complexity and power of the utility, it takes some time until it gets installed and you can access its user-friendly graphic interface.

You can activate the virtualized secure environment with a single mouse click, which means that even novice PC users can get to benefit from the this function.

Once enabled, Quietzone provides you with a secure browser that you can efficiently rely on to visit any website you need, without worrying that your sensitive information can be stolen or stored somewhere you do not want.

Discard disk changes by simply rebooting the PC

Another handy feature of Quietzone is that it can revert to the initial state of your PC every time you restart it - in other words, no matter how many changes you perform (like copying files or installing apps), they can all disappear with a simple reboot.

Due to this option, malware has no chance to infect your computer since it gets completely wiped as soon as you restart the system. Moreover, you can choose which ones of your disks benefit from this type of protection, and you also get complete control over the folders that are excluded.

Explore the web securely and keep your HDD safe from malware

All in all, Quietzone can help novices and experts alike take better care of their computer and of the traces they leave when accessing various websites, while also keeping their drives clean of malware with a single reboot.

Quietzone was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on May 3rd, 2014
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