RikySoft Simple Account Manager

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A simple and efficient application designed to offer you the ability of managing and organizing your multiple online accounts and personal information

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RikySoft Simple Account Manager is an efficient and user-friendly software utility which can assist you in keeping track of all your virtual and real-life accounts, along with all the associated information, that can sometimes be forgotten, particularly if you have more than you would like.

The program is quite easy to install and work with. The first time you use it, you will need to create an account for RikySoft Simple Account Manager, including a variety of details, not just your full name, username and password, but also your address, gender, religion, phone number, email address and even a security question, either a custom or a default one.

This way, even if someone were to find the tool and try to access it in order to use your data, they would be met by a wide range of security measures to prevent them from using your information without your permission.

The main window of RikySoft Simple Account Manager lists the added accounts by categories, grouped in 'Desktop Accounts', which comprises 'Personal Biodata', 'Address Book', 'Birthday', 'Agenda', 'Software Serial', and 'Web Account', including 'Social Network', 'Electronic Mail', 'Internet Forum', 'FTP', 'Blogging/Site'.

Depending on the type of account that you want to add, you can click on the corresponding category and press on the 'New' button, then begin entering the required information, then saving them in order to show them in the main screen.

When you are done working with RikySoft Simple Account Manager, you can should logout, as this will prevent anyone working on the same PC as you to come across it by accident to gain entry to all your personal details.

To conclude, RikySoft Simple Account Manager is a useful application developed to help you stay on top of your multiple accounts and their corresponding personal data, while also being able to protect them using a password of your own devise.

RikySoft Simple Account Manager was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 4th, 2014
RikySoft Simple Account Manager - The start screen of RikySoft Simple Account Manager will prompt you to create an accountRikySoft Simple Account Manager - In the main window of the application, you can view and manage the various accounts you have addedRikySoft Simple Account Manager - The New Data window enables you to input the required information in order to create an account recordRikySoft Simple Account Manager - screenshot #4RikySoft Simple Account Manager - screenshot #5RikySoft Simple Account Manager - screenshot #6RikySoft Simple Account Manager - screenshot #7