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Pofessional personal computer security utility

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Rising PC Doctor is a handy tool that is intended to protect your computer from trojans and to identify vulnerabilities. It has other tools that allow you to clean your computer and that make it an useful application for every computer user.

The program can scan your computer for trojans and allows you to define the locations that should be checked. It also includes a spyware scanner that can be used to detect prying threats on your computer. However, you should have a specialized program for in-depth scans.

You can use the program to scan for possible vulnerabilities and improvements that can be applied to your computer in order to increase the security. It informs you of the available updates for the operating system and provides you with hyperlinks to the information page in order to view the description.

If you are in a hurry you can use the One Click Action function that enables the program to automatically remove the detected trojans and spyware programs. The program provides you with automatic protection for security threats that includes the immunization of the USB drives and keeping your operating system up to date by downloading and installing updates.

In order to keep your computer clean you can take advantage of more tools in the Expert Tools tab. Here you can disable the startup entries and delete the junk files such as the temporary user files or the Internet Explorer cookie that occupy disk space.

It also includes an advanced process manager and a service manager that display the currently running items. These tools provide you with extra information about the location, the version or the trust level for a certain item in order to decide if you should keep it or stop it from running.

Among the tools that you can find useful is a file shredder that allows you to permanently delete sensible files and a Winsock repair tool that can restore your network connection after a virus or trojan infection.

The program scanned the core of the system (the memory and the Windows folder) in about four minutes and had no significant impact on the computer performance although the processor load was about 60%.

Rising PC Doctor cannot replace a specialized antivirus or spyware protection program but can be useful to improve the security of your computer by detecting vulnerabilities.

Rising PC Doctor was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on December 3rd, 2012
Rising PC Doctor - Rising PC Doctor will provide users with a professional personal computer security utilityRising PC Doctor - Users will be able to fix certain vulnerabilities or entire categories as the scanning process finishesRising PC Doctor - The Protection section consists of various monitoring modules such as System Security or VulnerabilityRising PC Doctor - screenshot #4Rising PC Doctor - screenshot #5Rising PC Doctor - screenshot #6Rising PC Doctor - screenshot #7Rising PC Doctor - screenshot #8Rising PC Doctor - screenshot #9Rising PC Doctor - screenshot #10Rising PC Doctor - screenshot #11Rising PC Doctor - screenshot #12

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