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Designed for security testing, this simple application can analyze a domain that relies on the HTTPS protocol so as to discover vulnerabilities

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With threats lurking everywhere around the Internet and the increasing number of attacks, security is one of the main issues a website administrator should think of. SSL Vulnerabilities Analyzer is one of the tools enables any website owner or security analyst detect insecure encryption methods can be easily exploited by cyber criminals.

Find the weaknesses of your web server

The application targets various algorithms a specific domain / IP address relies on, which could become a way of access for attackers who want to breach in. It then runs a series of tests in order to find out whether that particular domain permits the usage of potentially dangerous algorithms.

First off, it can determine whether the domain supports SSLv2 or not and tries to find weak data ciphering methods, with a key smaller than 128 bits, ADH (Anonymous Diffie Hellman) algorithms which don't provide user authentication, null ciphers that don't use encryption.

Check security certificates and algorithms that may lead to attacks

In addition to this, it can check whether your web server integrates low encryption algorithms and verifies whether the public key of the used security certificates is bigger than 1024 bits or if the certificate signature is weak.

SSL Vulnerabilities Analyzer can also tell you whether the server is vulnerable to BEAST attacks, which exploits a flaw in older versions of SSL so as to gain unauthorized access to the data transmitted via the HTTPS connection.

A handy tool for security testers

SSL Vulnerabilities Analyzer is a great tool for penetration testers and website owners, enabling them to discover vulnerabilities in their web server configuration. Of course, there are areas that this application does not cover, such as renegotiation configuration, key entropy, CRIME attacks and so on. With the launch of the TLS 1.2 which replaces SSL 3.0, some of the flaws in older SSL editions should no longer be an issue.

SSL Vulnerabilities Analyzer was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on June 6th, 2014
SSL Vulnerabilities Analyzer - You can easily check your web server for vulnerabilities using SSL Vulnerabilities Analyzer.