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This user-friendly application can help you protect files and folders on your computer by hiding them or setting them on a read-only mode

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Secure Folders is a user-friendly and reliable piece of software developed to provide you with several means of protecting the contents of your most important files or directories, thus preventing unauthorized individuals from accessing or using them for their own benefit.

During the installation process, you will be prompted to choose the preferred method, either 'Standard', or 'Hidden' (in portable mode). The former enables you to create shortcuts on your Desktop, Start Menu and the Add / Remove Programs section, whereas the latter allows you to run it from a USB drive and carry it with you wherever you go. As such, you can opt for whichever best suits your needs.

The application is fairly simple to understand and work with, so even if you have never used similar tools, you will still be able to handle it with ease. Using the 'Add' button, you can select the files or directories that you want to secure, while also choosing the method to be used.

Secure Folders offers four distinct protection options, namely 'Hide', 'Lock', 'Read-Only' and 'No Execution'. When you have finished adding the item, its status will be displayed in the program's main window. From this same location, you can change the 'Action' or you can simply eliminate the folder or file from the scope of Secure Folders.

The utility also provides you with the ability to create a 'Trusted Applications' list as well as protect Secure Folders with a password, so no one can remove certain items without your knowledge or consent. It enables you to create a hotkey for launching the tool and set it to run at Windows startup.

Secure Folders is an efficient and easy to work with application that can successfully assist you in protecting your sensitive data, proving quite handy particularly if other people work on the same computer as you.

Secure Folders was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 25th, 2014
Secure Folders - You can use Secure Folders to hide, lock or prevent the access to your most private folders.Secure Folders - Adding a new file to the list is easy, as you only have to choose its location and the protection mechanism.Secure Folders - Secure Folders enables you to create a list of trustworthy application that will not be blocked.Secure Folders - screenshot #4Secure Folders - screenshot #5Secure Folders - screenshot #6

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