SpectraByte's Anti-Executable Security

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A simple and easy to use application aimed to offer you the means of blocking certain processes or programs from running on your system

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SpectraByte's Anti-Executable Security is an intuitive and fairly approachable software solution created to provide parents or teachers with the ability to block certain processes on the home or school computer, even enabling users to blacklist windows based on their titles.

Straight-forward tabbed interface

Following a brief installation process, users can launch the utility and begin configuring its preferences, adjusting its options to fulfill their individual requirements.

SpectraByte's Anti-Executable Security’s tabbed interface is fairly simple and hardly impressive, allowing users to quickly switch between its various sections with little effort.

Block apps and processes

In the main window of the tool users can view their protection status along with the number of monitored or blocked processes, and they can also disable it by clicking on the corresponding button.

The ‘Blacklist’ tab of SpectraByte's Anti-Executable Security lets users block applications based on their process name or on the window title. Aside from the pre-existing list, users can add new entries, but also remove certain records.

The ‘Processes’ section displays the currently running system processes, letting users end the ones that do not belong there. The ‘History’ is meant to help users view the latest relevant security events, including the name, date and time of the blocked application.

SpectraByte's Anti-Executable Security’s ‘Options’ allow users to set the scan interval, in milliseconds, with 500 being the lowest value and 2000 the highest. Moreover, a password can be set, so every time someone tries to access the program, they will be prompted for the correct access key, thus preventing unauthorized access or changes being made to the settings.

Useful process blocker

To summarize, SpectraByte's Anti-Executable Security is a handy utility meant to serve in blocking the running of various processes and apps, ensuring that the time spent on the PC is put to good use.

SpectraByte's Anti-Executable Security was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 1st, 2014
SpectraByte's Anti-Executable Security - The main window of SpectraByte's Anti-Executable Security shows your current protection statusSpectraByte's Anti-Executable Security - The Blacklist tab enables you to decide which processes should not be allowed to runSpectraByte's Anti-Executable Security - From the Processes section, you can end a certain task with just a simple push of a buttonSpectraByte's Anti-Executable Security - screenshot #4

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