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An intuitive and reliable software solution that can protect the documents on your USB flash drive with a password of your choosing

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Transferring data via a USB storage device is a commonly used method today, due to the possibility of managing large files and take it anywhere. It can also be home to personal, classified data and even a victim of malicious software. Luckily, applications such as USB Flash Security give you the possibility to keep all your files safe and sound.

Lightweight and easy to use

The deployment process is finished almost instantly, with little space required on your hard disk drive and a barely noticeable amount of system resources used. The interface is plain and simple, with a few details regarding model, size and product technical info available, as well as a button to install the security measure on the connected USB memory unit.

In other words, the component installed on your PC is only a means to deploy another component on the flash drive that is able to keep it safe on any computer it connects to.

Install a security component

Hitting the “Install” button prompts you to create a backup of your data, because the storage device undergoes a format operation before the component is deployed. This comes in handy, because everything, including malicious software, is removed.

Enhanced protection with a password

The next step requires you to input a password in order to be able to access content, and even add a hint. Data can be encrypted for enhanced security, by accessing the Details tab. Once the drive is secured, you need to provide the correct security key in order to be able to view, add or modify data.

Have data on the disk encrypted

You might have a little hard time figuring out all the application has to offer due to the rough design. However, there is an integrated help manual to get you out of such sticky situations. Furthermore, if you wish to lift protection, you can always choose to uninstall the component from the USB storage device.

To end with

All things considered, USB Flash Security can definitely maximize security for your data stored on a removable storage device. It is a little rough around the edges though, but if you manage to get past the design you find it easy to use and pretty practical overall.

USB Flash Security was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on September 11th, 2015
USB Flash Security - The main window of USB Flash Security enables you to install the application on your USB driveUSB Flash Security - USB Flash Security requires you to choose the password that will be used to protect your dataUSB Flash Security - The Details tab is the place where you can set the application to encrypt the files on your USB flash driveUSB Flash Security - screenshot #4

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