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Add extra security to your online accounts and secure your transactions by using the Symantec Validation & ID Protection (VIP) service

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Identity theft and privacy protection are front-page topics to security specialists, who strive to offer users advanced protection against online threats.

Symantec, one of the most important players in this field, launched the so-called Validation & ID Protection (in short, VIP) service, which aims to secure online transactions and prevent account data stealing.

Enter a security code alongside the account password

VIP Access is the desktop counterpart of the online service, aiming to provide secure access to online accounts.

Its functioning principle is simple, yet efficient: it performs repeated identity validation, requiring a generated security code along with the username and password. This way, even if the login data is intercepted, no one can access the online account, since they don't have the VIP credential.

Secure your account and protect sensitive information

VIP Access can only be used with organizations that are participating within the VIP Network, which includes important financial and banking institutions (e.g. Merrill Lynch, Bancpost, Paypal), healthcare and government organizations, as well as online shops such as eBay.

Securing your account is done in three simple steps. First, you must sign in to your online account and look for the VIP logo to find further instructions. Usually, you are only required to register VIP access by entering the generated security code, so as the website recognizes your credential ID.

Once registered, you will be asked to enter a new six-digit security code (generated once every 30 seconds by VIP Access) each time you login to your account, alongside the username and password.

A safe way to conduct online banking and similar transactions

VIP Access aims to ensure higher security for online transactions and account information by requiring a security code for successful authentication. Working with important financial institutions and online retailers, VIP Access can help you make sure both your data and your transfers are safely completed.

VIP Access was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on July 24th, 2014
VIP Access - VIP Access displays the credential ID and the security code within its main window, enabling you to easily copy them to the clipboard.VIP Access - The 'Settings window of VIP Access enables you to hide the credential ID and automatically check for updates.

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