Vulnerable URL checker pentest edition

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A simple command-line utility that can be used to check your website for links that can be vulnerable, offering a way of access to cyber criminals

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Vulnerable URL checker pentest edition aims to help website owners and web developers in checking their domain for URLs that might offer cyber criminals a way to infiltrate into the main server. It serves as an additional security tool that can be used in order to find potential security defects.

Creates a database of potentially vulnerable URLs

The application only runs in the command console, but thanks to the straightforward options, you don't have to deal with a complex syntax.

At first launch, the application creates a database of URL extensions (meaning the final part of an URL) to help you get started and then automatically closes. The links are stored in a plain text file, which means that you can extend the list so as to enhance the application's capabilities.

Find links that might turn into weaknesses for the web server

When running it for the second time, the database is checked and you are prompted to enter the URL you want the application to analyze. The program verifies its validity and proceeds to finding potential vulnerabilities.

What it actually does is place the terminations in the database next to the URL of the main domain and check whether the newly formed links are available or not by sending them a ping request and waiting for a response.

Valid links are displayed in green alongside a 'success' message, while non-existent one are shown in red. When the analysis is complete, the successful results can be saved to a text file.

Useful as a secondary security tool

Vulnerable URL checker pentest edition can come in handy to website admins who want to identify security holes.

However, there are various other tools out there that provide a richer feature set, capable of auditing a web server to find potential vulnerabilities such as SQL, LDAP or XPXPATH injections, cross-site scripting, remote file inclusions, buffer overflows and so on. Thus, IT professionals might look for a more comprehensive security tool that can help them safeguard a website against exploits and attack attempts.

Vulnerable URL checker pentest edition was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on April 25th, 2014
Vulnerable URL checker pentest edition - You can use Vulnerable URL checker pentest edition to check the exploitable URLs for your domain.