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Connect your 'My Passport' drive to your PC and secure it so you can keep others from accessing your important files, such as videos and documents






WD Security makes it possible for you to password-protect your WD drives and thus protect them from unauthorized access. It is a simple and practical means of securing dtaa on your WD drives, with just a few clicks.

After installing the application, you need to attach a supported WD drive. A compatible drive is automatically detected by WD Security, which displays its name, storage capacity and drive letter in the main window, alongside security settings. Using the 'auto unlock' option, you can set WD Security to automatically unlock your drive.

Configuring a new password is extremely easy, as you just have to enter the desired security key in the designated fields and save the security settings. You have to remember that WD Security cannot retrieve a forgotten or lost password, so all you have left in this unfortunate situation is the password hint. And if it's not enough and you still cannot remember the security key, your data might be lost forever.

With WD Security, you have the possibility to set a password for your Western Digital drive and encrypt the piece of hardware so as to secure your data and prevent others from accessing your important files.
Last updated on August 13th, 2015
WD Security - By using WD Security you have the possibility to protect your drive from unauthorized accessWD Security - The main window of WD Security displays the available drive and allows you to configure your password

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