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A practical application that displays a user-friendly interface and offers you a wide range of tools that allow you to protect your USB drives

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iMyth Security Systems is a tool designed to help you deal with a large number of threats and intrusion issues that can target drives and devices connected via USB.

It provides general protection in the form of system and USB shields, allows you to immunize your devices as well as completely block USB ports.

A well structured interface

iMyth Security Systems displays a user-friendly interface which is separated according to the main functions it provides. You get quick access to protection features, system tools, USB configuration, device immunization and scanning, drive monitoring and even activity logs.

The application is well structured and should pose no problem to anyone when it comes to using and configuring.

Lock USB ports and encrypt files

Since malware takes all shapes and can be transported to your computer using a large number of containers, iMyth Security Systems allows you to avoid any risks and completely block the use of a USB port. It allows you to disable any kind of communication that is made to or from the USB device.

This is done with a simple click and the effect is immediate but in order to see it, you do have to remove your USB device if it's connected to the computer.

iMyth Security Systems also comes with an encryption solution for files and folders that are on your Flash drive. With a few simple clicks, you select the items you want to protect and the application locks them under a password. This way, only you and those who know the encryption key can access the files.

An aspect that is important to note, is that encrypting the files doesn’t mean that they can’t be deleted, a quick format of the USB drive and the data is removed.

A handy security tool

To sum things up, iMyth Security Systems seems to be a good choice when it comes to protecting your computer or data that is located on a USB drive. All you have to do, is give it a try.

iMyth Security Systems was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on March 11th, 2014
iMyth Security Systems - iMyth Security Systems enables you to scan your USB drive for viruses as well as perform various other security tasks.iMyth Security Systems - From the Protection Status section, the user can start a new scan, configure the USB, as well as access tools.iMyth Security Systems - The application makes it easy for you to immunize a drive that is connected to your computer.iMyth Security Systems - screenshot #4iMyth Security Systems - screenshot #5iMyth Security Systems - screenshot #6iMyth Security Systems - screenshot #7iMyth Security Systems - screenshot #8

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