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This simple and user-friendly application aims to offer you an effective means of using your USB stick as a Smartcard, with several the security benefits

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myuToken is a complex yet easy to handle piece of software that was developed to provide you with an efficient means of performing Smartcard emulations using USB flash drives instead.

Straight-forward and intuitive interface

The utility is fairly simple to install, but keep in mind that you will need to restart your system in order to complete the operation. Afterward, you can launch myuToken and begin working with it as you need.

The main window features a basic interface that is far from impressive. However, it manages to do its job successfully, allowing you to select the various functions that you want to use by pressing on the displayed buttons, such as 'Reader', 'Change CKye', 'Card Format' and others.

Choose the card reader and activate the simulation

To get started, you will first need to select the 'Card Reader' that you intend to work with, by picking one from the drop-down menu. You can press the 'Enable' button for the 'Simulation Mode', then restart your computer once more for the change to take effect, as myuToken replaces the USB driver with a Smartcard driver in the process.

The application allows you to 'Change CKey', perform 'Card Format' operations or modify the 'Card Title', Moreover, you can work with one or both available CSP types, specifically BaseCSP and Microsoft Base Smart Card Crypto Provider.

Using the 'PCKS#12' button, you can input various details about the 'Issuer', for instance the Smartcard's name, as well as select the preferred encryption mode, with RSA 1024bit ad RSA 2048bit being the available options. These are amongst the most powerful cyphering algorithms in existence, which ensures a high level of protection and security.

Handy Smartcard emulator

To sum it up, myuToken is a handy and reliable program that can successfully assist you in turning your USB Flash drives into Smartcards, whilst benefiting from all the security advantages of this type of objects.

myuToken was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 24th, 2014
myuToken - The main window of myuToken allows you to select the function that you want to work withmyuToken - From the Icemu window, you can choose the targeted card reader from the drop down menu and activate simulation modemyuToken - The SelfCert window enables you to enter the certificate name and the preferred encryption level

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