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This software aims at making your computer run faster by cleaning Windows system registry.

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Abexo Free Registry Cleaner is a tool that offers a simple solution when it comes to scanning your registry items in order to fix errors and boost your computer's performance.

The interface's appearance is not impressive in any way since it has simplistic elements, but Abexo Free Registry Cleaner is very easy to navigate through.

Before cleaning any registry keys, it is highly recommend that you perform a backup, just in case something goes wrong and your system won't start properly. Unfortunately, the app does not automatically do this.

So, when it comes to cleaning up your registry, you can set Abexo Free Registry Cleaner to go through classes, file list, shared DLLs, invalid file associations, Windows startup Run, application paths, help files, fonts and sounds.

Once results are displayed, you can check out the value and description of each key. Select the ones you want for the tool to delete and click the respective button.

Don't worry because you can use the backups by selecting the undo file and by specifying the exact registry item you want to restore (or just choose all of them if you are unsure). Restarting the computer is necessary in order for the changes to be applied.

The program uses very low system resources and offers guidelines and descriptions every step of the way. No errors have popped up during our tests and Abexo Free Registry Cleaner immediately finishes a task (except in the case of scanning where things may move slower but only because the tool is thorough).

On the other hand, the list of scanned sections is incomplete. For example, the program doesn't verify ActiveX issues, obsolete software, the MUI cache and Windows services.

In conclusion, Abexo Free Registry Cleaner is a very good program for repairing invalid registry items and we strongly recommend it to all users.

Abexo Free Registry Cleaner was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on March 24th, 2012
Abexo Free Registry Cleaner - This is the main window of Abexo Free Registry Cleaner where you can select the action you want to perform.Abexo Free Registry Cleaner - Before you can use Abexo Free Registry Cleaner, you will need to adjust the configuration according to your needs.Abexo Free Registry Cleaner - While Abexo Free Registry Cleaner actually does the scanning, you will see its progess on your screen.

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