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The AceBackup archiving and backup tool helps you to store your confidential data in a safe way.

One of the most significant features of AceBackup is the ability to store files on FTP servers, as well as on local storage devices (hard drives, floppies, ZIP, JAZZ or MO disks, LAN folders, or any other writable devices). The user interface is easy to use, and you can store and restore files as in the Windows Explorer.

The program supports two project types: AceBackup archive and AceBackup backup. Working with the first one is similar to working with .ZIP, CD-R, DVD-R, .ARJ, or .CAB files, the only difference is, that AceBackup archive data can be encrypted and stored on a FTP server.

The second project type helps you to create structured backups of selected folders or drives in order to protect your files from accidental data loss.

AceBackup implements several strong encryption algorithms to hold your data securely. If you decide to store your archive (backup) on a remote FTP server, nobody can access its internal data during direct transfers on the server.

AceBackup backup projects can be scheduled to run regularly to keep your data up to date. The program scans all local folders of the project and, if it detects new or changed files, they are processed automatically.

AceBackup supports a number of versions for storing and restoring files.

Restoring files of an AceBackup project is very easy. The target can be either the original or any other location.

AceBackup is a secure data backup tool that store files on FTP servers.

A unique feature of AceBackup is the ability to store files on FTP servers, as well as on local storage devices.
Last updated on February 16th, 2012
AceBackup - AceBackup will help you quickly backup your data easily and securely with powerful toolsAceBackup - The View menu will provide users with Local System or View project log optionsAceBackup - Users will be able to access options such as Backup / Restore Wizard, Verify or Import from the Project menuAceBackup - screenshot #4AceBackup - screenshot #5AceBackup - screenshot #6AceBackup - screenshot #7AceBackup - screenshot #8AceBackup - screenshot #9AceBackup - screenshot #10AceBackup - screenshot #11AceBackup - screenshot #12

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