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A straightforward software solution that is designed to offer assistance with creating encrypted backups for your most important files

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Securing personal or work files is something each of us should do from time to time and also, creating a backup for them isn’t a bad idea too. Ainvo Copy is a system tool that enables you to do both of those things in a very simple manner.

Easily backup and encrypt files

Ainvo Copy is a comprehensive little tool that you can use to create backups for your important files and contain them inside encrypted archives. With it, it’s possible to create multiple backups for files that are located anywhere on your computer and move their copies to a specific location.

The application displays a user friendly interface which should make it accessible to anyone who wants to create a backup. Its main window is comprised from a large toolbar that you can use to create a new backup session as well as navigate through process options.

A session implies choosing the destination for the backup, its source files and optionally, compression. Ainvo Copy enables you to simply backup your files to one or more locations as well as encrypt them using AES algorithms.

Quickly schedule backups

It’s already established that Ainvo Copy can create multiple backups during a single run and if you're looking to use it for work files, then the fact that you can also schedule sessions should be good news.

Ainvo Copy makes it possible to schedule one time, daily, weekly or monthly backups depending on how often you create or update files. This makes it a viable solution for your office or workstation as it automates the entire backup process and also provides logging in case any errors occur.

Simple and reliable backup solution

On a closing note, Ainvo Copy is easy to use, quick on its feet and offers exactly the basic backup and encryption needs that are suited for most casual users.

Ainvo Copy was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on July 3rd, 2014
Ainvo Copy - This is the mainw window of Ainvo Copy where you will be able to start backing up your data.Ainvo Copy - In this window of Ainvo Copy you will be able to set the task items for your backup.Ainvo Copy - Ainvo Copy will enable you to add or remove backup folders.Ainvo Copy - screenshot #4Ainvo Copy - screenshot #5Ainvo Copy - screenshot #6

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