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A powerful, intuitive professional data recovery utility that offers fast operations and is easy-to-use even by people without advanced technical skills

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It's never a pleasant situation when personal files and folders are lost due to drive failure, accidental deletion, or data corruption, yet such events do occur, and they usually determine users to find applications that can help them recover some of the lost data.

One of the available solutions is AppleXsoft Data Recovery Professional, a piece of software designed as a full-featured utility for file and folder recovery.

Intuitive interface

The program's interface has been built as a file explorer, offering a two-panel view, one for browsing folders and the other one for viewing its contents in a list. There's also a button bar on the left side, allowing users to navigate through folders and to find and save the files they are interested in.

The tool is easy-to-use even for users without extensive computer skills, allowing them to easily search for and recover lost data. To get started, users simply need to click on the “Open Drive” button on the Toolbar, then select the partition or drive they want to scan.

With this app, users can recover data from formatted or deleted partitions, as well as from corrupted drives. Data can be recovered regardless of whether it has been accidentally deleted or lost due to a virus or a hardware failure.

Fast, reliable operations

Scanning drives with AppleXsoft Data Recovery Professional is a fast operation, though it all depends on the size of the disk, as well as on the type of selected scan (it takes longer when going for a full scan).

The application requires an investment from users' part, but the fact that it can recover files that might have been considered completely lost can easily offset that.

We found the program to be quite snappy and to be able to recover deleted files even from sectors that had new data written on them, which suggests that it can live up to the expectations, albeit there's no guarantee that it can perform the same all the time.

Powerful data recovery capabilities

All in all, AppleXsoft Data Recovery Professional is a reliable tool for file and folder recovery, one that is also easy-to-use regardless of user's technical skills. Interested parties need to get some money out of their pockets to enjoy its capabilities, but the end results might worth the investment.

AppleXsoft Data Recovery Professional was reviewed by Ionut Arghire
Last updated on September 30th, 2014
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