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Simple-to-configure piece of software specialized in creating a bootable Windows CD or DVD and generating ISO images, while allowing you to search for Windows installation files

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Bart's PE Builder is a tiny but reliable recovery utility designed to let you easily create a bootable Windows CD or DVD. Pus, you can use it for small tweaks on your computer system.

Fast installation and simple looks

After a brief installation, Bart's PE Builder requests you allow it to perform a scan on the Windows installation files.

In terms of appearance, the user interface of the application is fairly simple to understand and use.

How it works

In the Builder section you can input the source path to the Windows installation files, optionally include files and folder from a particular directory, and select output destination. In the following step you can either create an ISO image, or directly burn to a CD or DVD.


Once you've hit the build button, Bart's PE Builder quickly sets up your newly established bootable disc or image. During this time, memory resources are minimally used.

Several configuration settings

From the Options menu you can change language or advanced features (e.g. don't build files or registries, remove ISO image after burn). In addition, you can view the last build log and access the plugins section, where you can enable, disable, remove, edit, add or configure INF files of applications found in Windows.

Furthermore, in the Sources menu you can search for Windows installation files and check the path to them, or combine the installation files with a service pack, so that you can place them anywhere on your hard drive (i.e. slipstream).

An overall efficient bootable CD or DVD builder

In conclusion, Bart's PE Builder is a great tool to have at your disposal, and we couldn't find one bad thing about it.

Bart's PE Builder was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 18th, 2014
Bart's PE Builder - The application can automatically look for Windows installation files, but for a faster job you can manually browse for them.Bart's PE Builder - Options section lets you make advanced settings such as registry building or enable absolute output path and label the resulting volume.

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