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A simple and user-friendly application that enables you to create a variety of backup options for your computer, as well as restore a disk partition

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BitClone9 is an intuitive and very easy to understand piece of software designed to offer you the ability of creating backups of your computer partitions, as well as restore them from existing images.

Clear-cut and accessible usage

The application features a clean and straightforward interface, making use of tabs to organize its various functions.

As such, you can ‘Save Disk / Partition to Image’, ‘Save Image to Disk / Partition’, ‘Save CD / DVD / BD’ or even ‘Burn ISO Image to CD / DVD / BD’.

Effortlessly backup your system to prepare for a potential crash

When creating a copy of one of your PC drives, you can select the source from a drop-down menu, and BitClone9 will automatically display its total sectors, the corresponding bytes per sector, size in bytes and GB, along with the free space.

You can opt for a destination, on condition that it is larger than the source disk, then press the ‘Start’ button to generate the file. You even have the option to shutdown your system when done. At the same time, a previously created IMAGE9 file can be used to restore the contents of a PC drive, from the ‘Save Image to Disk / Partition’ section.

Moreover, BitClone9 enables you to copy various types of discs and save them to your computer, to ISO format, which you can later burn onto a different CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disc. This way, you can ensure you always have duplicates of all your data and are able to retrieve it in little to no time, to carry on working.

A handy backup creator

Overall, BitClone9 proves to be an efficient and reliable program that can successfully assist you in creating and storing backups of your computer disks, enabling you to recover all your data with ease, should your PC crash unexpectedly.

BitClone9 was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 28th, 2014
BitClone9 - The main window of BitClone9 allows you to save a disk or partition to IMAGE9 formatBitClone9 - From the Save Image to Disk/Partition section, you can restore items from an IMAGE9 file to a preferred destinationBitClone9 - The Save CD/DVD/BD to ISO Image tab enables you to grab the data from a disc and save it to an ISO fileBitClone9 - screenshot #4

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