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Recover deleted pictures and restore corrupted photographs





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C-photo Recovery specializes in effectively finding and restoring digital pictures in various popular formats even if your flash memory card or hard drive is completely unreadable.
Many digital SLR owners shoot in RAW for the added flexibility in post processing and resulting image quality. One of the important features of C-Photo Recovery is the support for RAW files. Your pictures can still be recovered even if you shoot RAW with a digital SLR.
C-photo Recovery can find and recover digital pictures even if half of your memory card of disk is completely dead. 

The application scans your entire hard drive or memory card for signatures that mark the beginning and end of digital pictures and matches the result of the surface scan with the results recorded in the file system. This approach allows for the most complete recovery of all image types recognized by C-photo Recovery.

C-photo Recovery supports popular graphical formats including JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP  as well as RAW files of multiple DSLR manufacturers.
Last updated on December 4th, 2012
C-Photo Recovery - In the main window of C-Photo Recovery users can explore the drives and scan them in order to find photosC-Photo Recovery - The File menu allows users to create or open disk images, as well as refresh the list of drivesC-Photo Recovery - Once the recoverable photos are detected, you can select the ones you want to restore

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