DiskInternals CD and DVD Recovery

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A lightweight, yet reliable application that allows you to seamlessly scan for and restore deleted files from various CDs and DVDs






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Just finished burning CD or DVD, only to find out that some files appear to be corrupted or inaccessible? Power went out, while recording data? Added a new session to your CD/DVD and lost old files? Do not worry.

DiskInternals CD and DVD Recovery, as the name implies is a software solution capable of recovering data from CDs and DVDs, including multi-session ones. CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVR+R, DVD-RW, DVR+RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL and DVD-RAM disks are supported.
DiskInternals CD and DVD Recovery can restore data, picture, video or music files.

DiskInternals CD and DVD Recovery can restore data lost during the writing of certain CDs and DVDs.

The program uses a smart file recovery algorithm that skips bad sectors. If you see the preview, then
CD and DVD Recovery  can recover that file. Even if your entire CD has gone out to the wild, you can still browse and preview files that used to be there The process of recovery is a very straightforward one - insert disk, press "Recover" and get the files you need.
Last updated on April 19th, 2014
DiskInternals CD and DVD Recovery - The application allows you to scan CDs or DVDs and recover certain deleted files from them.DiskInternals CD and DVD Recovery - Scanned files, along with the ones that have been detected as deleted are shown in the main window.DiskInternals CD and DVD Recovery - From the Drives menu, you can map virtual partitions or mount certain ISO image files.DiskInternals CD and DVD RecoveryDiskInternals CD and DVD RecoveryDiskInternals CD and DVD Recovery

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