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Simple utility that can easily retrieve items stored on corrupted parts of the hard disk and isolated in CHK files in order to repair the error

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As a result of running disk scan and repair tools errors and invalid clusters affected files are saved in Chk format during the repair procedure. Sometimes these locations contain data that might be needed by the user and in many cases retrieving it may turn into a more difficult operation.

CHK File Recovery can search inside the Found.000 folder and show the items that can be rescued. It does not need to be installed as deploying it can be done by simply double-clicking on the executable file extracted from the downloaded archive.

Looks and functionality

The interface is straightforward and does not sport a configuration panel to tinker with options. Suffice to provide the folder where the CHK data is stored. In order to determine the presence of this location on a volume it is required to enable viewing of hidden files, folders and drives from Microsoft’s file manager.

As soon as the location is defined CHK File Recovery scans it and shows all the data it contains. This can be anything from documents and emails to multimedia files (various image and video items).

The developer provides a list with the supported formats just to make an idea of what the application can retrieve because the information is not complete.

During our test is moved quickly and the impact on the system performance was minimum. Furthermore, it managed to show the files that could be recovered, although retrieving them could not be completed without activating the program.


It is a simple solution that could come in handy when a disk repair tool also claims data that is important to the user. There is no installation procedure to go through and removing it from the system is as easy as deleting the executable file.

CHK Recovery was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on March 10th, 2014
CHK Recovery - CHK Recovery is a handy and reliable utility designed to recover files from the FOUND.000 folder.CHK Recovery - screenshot #2

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