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A fully-featured software utility designed to create backup copies and images of your secure BitLocker and PGP-encrypted hard drive partitions

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Windows BitLocker and Symantec's PGP full drive encryption technologies are designed in order to protect your data from unauthorized access, by securing entire volumes at once with state-of-the-art encryption algorithms. The downside to the procedure is that it can be rather difficult to create backup copies of these drives, since the security measures cannot be kept in the procedure.

Quickly backup encrypted drives

Casper Secure Drive Backup, on the other hand, enables you to perform the operation as easily as a regular backup procedure, while still maintaining the applied encryption intact and secure. In addition, it can also create bootable copies of your operating system, which can be stored on USB flash drives and encrypted as well.

Aside from copying the desired drive, you can opt to create a virtual image instead, to hold the contents of the selected partition. In case you already have a backup image on your computer, the application enables you to restore it in a few easy steps and replace the current files with the old ones.

Explore the available disks and partitions

If you want to perform slightly more advanced operations on the disks and partitions available on your system, you can access the Casper Explorer window. Here you can view a list with all the connected storage devices, as well as fix their master boot records, erase their contents or take a look at their procedure history.

Another useful feature built into the application is its ability to schedule backup operations ahead of time. In addition, you can also adjust the number of days or weeks to keep the old backup copies, as well as choose the default storage policy and automatically remove backups whenever you start to run out of disk space.

A fully-featured backup utility

Although the Casper Secure Drive Backup is mainly aimed towards experienced users, due to the fact that it is designed to work with Windows BitLocker and Symantec PGP encrypted drives, it still sports an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, with quickly accessible functions and simple overall controls.

Casper Secure Drive Backup was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 22nd, 2014
Casper Secure Drive Backup - You can select to copy drives, create images or explore your hard disk from the main window of the application.Casper Secure Drive Backup - The Tools menu allows you to schedule copy operations and view configurations reports.Casper Secure Drive Backup - You can either select the entire drive, or a single partition to copy, depending on your necessities.Casper Secure Drive BackupCasper Secure Drive BackupCasper Secure Drive BackupCasper Secure Drive BackupCasper Secure Drive BackupCasper Secure Drive Backup

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